Scoop + Xero HQ


Xero HQ provides a facility for your firm to manage your interaction with Xero. Scoop completes the circle, providing one-screen access to clients’ financial summaries: profit performance and solvency (net worth). Scoop does not compete with Xero HQ, it complements Xero HQ.

Scoop allows you to actively manage your clients’ data for the benefit of your clients and it provides evidence of your staffs’ involvement in this process.

New features that it will add to your Xero
management tool box are listed below. You can:


View summarised profit and net worth data for all your Xero user clients on one screen.

Drill down to view detailed P & L and Balance Sheet reports on a dedicated Client View page.

Add notes to client view page, notes that will build into a secure diary of information to aid the future management of Xero data.

Set up alerts – email reminders sent to your inbox, or those of other users in your practice, to manage deadlines.

View a VAT registration status alert. On the Scoop report grid, you can view the current VAT registration status: Registered, Not Registered, or may need to register.

The last category will be of interest to practitioners as clients exceeding the VAT registration threshold do not always get picked up.

We also offer our subscribers the opportunity to suggest additional features for Scoop. This "open book" development process will allow us to expand the range of features available, and in a timely fashion.

Although it is extremely unlikely, Scoop does provide a data fall-back position. If, for whatever reason, Xero’s servers are offline; you could still access the most recent Scoop download of Xero
data unaffected.

Finally, Scoop’s data will be stored on an independent and secure server. We will provide subscribers (before the May 2018 deadline) with appropriate confirmation that clients’ personal data storage and retrieval used by Scoop, complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

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