Frequently Asked Questions

We have several client account managers. Can we access report grids for each manager separately?

Yes... When you first attach a Xero data set to Scoop you can allocate that client to a manager. Managers have their own login password and can produce report grids specifically for the clients they manage.

Can I reduce as well as increase my level of subscription?

Yes... You can vary the level of your subscription, in either direction, at any time.

Is Scoop of use to me? I manage a group of companies, each has their own Xero application.

As long as you are set up to access the group companies' Xero data, then you could use Scoop to create snap-shot financials at predetermined dates. The same is true for franchise groups.

Am I locked into a lengthy contract?

No... Scoop is available on a monthly subscription that can be cancelled or varied online at any time via your user dashboard.

Is our client data held on a secure server?

Yes... Scoop has the necessary "https://" certificates. Your password to login is reverse encrypted - even we cannot access your password details. For the technically minded, a salted PBKDF2 hash of the password is generated using a Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generator!

How do I disconnect from Xero?

You are only connected to Xero when you first link a client’s Xero data to Scoop and when the data is refreshed during our automated overnight data sync. In both cases, Scoop disconnects from Xero when each process is completed. So, in answer to your question, you never have to formally disconnect from Xero, this is done for you.

Will Scoop change my client’s Xero data?

Scoop draws information from Xero’s chart of accounts and trial balance data. It also picks up bank balances. What it does not do, is “push” any data back to Xero. The link does not interfere in any way with your client’s Xero data.

When and how does the data sync with Xero occur?

By default, Scoop automatically synchronises with Xero early morning, 1am, Monday to Friday. In this way when you access Scoop each day you will always be looking at the most recent data. You can change these default settings by using the Default data sync option under Settings on the Menu slider.

How can I make the most of the Notes and Alerts features?

By drilling down to our Client Review page, you can view a detailed P&L and Balance Sheet. You can also add notes and alerts that will build into a review diary for each client and remind your partners and staff to complete future review tasks. Over time this facility, to add notes, will ensure that past actions, problems and solutions are fully documented so that changes in staff do not mean their experience and actions are lost.

Xero already facilitates a reminder system within Xero HQ that will alert you to upcoming tasks: for example, VAT returns that need to be filed. Scoop expands this feature so that you can set up an unlimited number of bespoke alerts. These might include: a review of turnover to date in the next quarter as the client is close to the VAT registration limit; a reminder to see if action has been taken to repay a director’s loan account as the nine-month deadline is approaching; in fact, any future action that needs to be reviewed for the benefit of clients can be set up using this feature.

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