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You can access the Scoop navigation slider from the [MENU] button on the site header. Each navigation option has an inline note (?) that explains what each option facilitates.

Scoop Help Centre

The Scoop Help Centre should provide all the information you will need to make the most of Scoop, we recommend that you look at the Report Grid Tips and Making the most of Notes and Alerts sections to maximise the benefits of using Scoop in your practice.

Check your user details

Make sure that your user data is correct, edit as necessary

Add new users

When you first open this page, it will display the details of the person who signed up for the trial version. You can add an unlimited number of users, partners and members of staff. Staff should be added as “Managers” and linked to the partner responsible for their client activity. Each Manager can subsequently set up their own password when they first access Scoop with their email address.

Linking Xero data to Scoop

Linking your client’s data to Scoop is facilitated by using the Manage Xero data links page. Just follow the links, connect with Xero, select the client you want to add and complete the link. The whole process is a few clicks of the mouse, and takes less than half a minute. 

Scoop draws information from Xero chart of accounts and trial balance data. It also picks up bank balances. What it does not do, is “push” any data back to Xero. Scoop’s link does not interfere in any way with your client’s Xero data.

Setting Xero data sync options

Scoop automatically refreshes your Xero data daily, so you are always viewing current data. The sync takes place overnight.


You can change the overnight sync schedule by accessing the Default settings feature. This allows you to determine which days of the week your data is updated.

View Report Grid

When you first link your clients to Scoop we also draw down accounts data and this is used to build your first Report Grid. This is subsequently updated automatically each day in accordance with your preferences set up on the Settings – Default data sync page.


The Report Grid is your primary “window” to view a summary of your client’s financials and other data. It is the screen where you can see all your linked clients’ summarised data on one screen. It includes: VAT status, bank balances, debtors, year to date profit/loss position and net worth. You can also drill down from the grid to see more detail on the client review page, and add notes and alerts.

View Client Review page

By drilling down to our Client Review page, you can view a detailed P&L and Balance Sheet. You can also add notes and alerts that will build into a review diary for each client and remind your partners and staff to complete future review tasks. Over time this facility, to add notes, will ensure that past actions, problems and solutions are fully documented so that changes in staff do not mean their experience and actions are lost.


Potentially, this feature, the ability to add notes to a client review page, will be of most value to clients. The process is easy to access and use. Users can also set up alerts that remind them to deal with a particular issue at a future date.

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