About Scoop

Scoop is a fully integrated Xero (data review) App

Scoop is an easy to use App that draws all your clients’ Xero data into a single application. It enables you to create a one-stop, online repository where you can build a permanent record of your interactions with a client’s data.

Counter staff movements by using Scoop’s client review notes feature

Scoop enables the listing of past problems and solutions on a Client Review page, so that useful, historical notes are retained and are not affected by future staff changes.

Use Scoop’s email alerts feature

Xero already facilitates a reminder system within Xero HQ that will alert you to upcoming tasks: for example, VAT returns that need to be filed. Scoop expands this feature so that you can set up an unlimited number of bespoke alerts. These might include: a review of turnover to date in the next quarter as the client is close to the VAT registration limit; a reminder to see if action has been taken to repay a director’s loan account as the nine-month deadline is approaching; in fact, any future action that needs to be reviewed for the benefit of clients can be set up using this feature.

Scoop allows you to set up unlimited users

Scoop allows you to set up unlimited users. In this way every member of staff, or the partners, can contribute to the management of clients’ Xero data, creating a practice wide library of past interactions with a client’s Xero numbers.

Scoop spots clients who may need to register for VAT

The Scoop Report Grid, that summarises all linked client data on one screen, includes a VAT Status feature. It not only points out who is, or is not VAT registered, but also highlights clients that are not registered and may need to register (based on an annualised projection of year to date turnover).

Scoop creates reports to the latest completed month end date

When Scoop syncs with Xero it searches for data posted up to the last completed month end date. For example, if data is synced overnight 15 December, Scoop will update the Report grid and Review pages for trading results up to 30 November. As soon as the current month date passes this becomes the target collection date for Scoop.