Manage unlimited Xero clients on one screen


If you’re an accountant with a number of clients using Xero, it can be time consuming, logging in and out of Xero, to manage their financials one at a time.

Say hello to Scoop. Our clever software lets you link multiple clients from Xero and view a snap shot of all their key data on one screen.

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Key benefits of integration



For the first time you can view a summary of all your Xero clients’ financials on one screen, no need to switch between client data sets

The key feature of Scoop is our unique Report Grid where you can see all your linked clients’ summarised data on one screen: includes VAT status, bank balances, debtors, year to date profit/loss position and net worth. You can also drill down from the grid to see more detail on the client review page, and add notes and alerts.

You can set up unlimited users so that all your team can access and contribute to a practice wide review diary for each client. No more double-guessing what was done before…

Our User Management screen allows you to set up access to Scoop for an unlimited number of your partners and staff. You can also link client managers to a responsible partner. This latter feature means you can filter your Report Grid view to focus on client groups managed by a particle user.

Scoop automatically refreshes your Xero data daily, so you are always viewing current data. The sync takes place overnight.

You can change the overnight sync schedule by accessing the Default settings feature. This allows you to determine which days of the week your data is updated.

You only need to link a client’s Xero data to Scoop one time – and the process takes just a few seconds for each client. Adding new clients, or deleting clients who you no longer act for is simply a click of the mouse.

As part of your initial set-up process you will need to link each client’s data in Xero with Scoop. We have built a simple click through process to accommodate this process, that’s incorporated into our Manage Xero data links page.

By drilling down to our Client Review page, you can view a detailed P&L and Balance Sheet. You can also add notes and alerts that will build into a review diary for each client and remind your partners and staff to complete future review tasks. Over time this facility, to add notes, will ensure that past actions, problems and solutions are fully documented so that changes in staff do not mean their experience and actions are lost.

Potentially, this feature, the ability to add notes to a client review page, will be of most value to clients. The process is easy to access and use. Users can also set up alerts that remind them to deal with a particular issue at a future date.

Scoop licensing is flexible. As your client usage increases or decreases you can flex your subscription accordingly.

Access the Manage Scoop licensing page at any time to vary your subscription.

Other benefits

View detailed P&L and Balance Sheet numbers

Add alerts and set email reminders; be notified of key dates and events

Add notes; create a diary of issues related to a client for future reference

Unlimited users; Unlimited support

Bonus: VAT registration alerts - does your client need to register for VAT?

Options to suit your Xero subscription level

Scoop is only available for use in the UK at present, a version for New Zealand, Australia and the USA is coming soon.
  • Starter


    1-4 links

  • Bronze


    5-24 links

  • Silver


    25-99 links

  • Gold


    100-499 links

  • Platinum


    Unlimited links

Choose your preferred subscription level when you sign up for our free trial offer, no invoicing or payments will be taken for 30 days and you are free to cancel at any time in this 30 day window or at any future date.

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